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Mr. Shalabh Chaturvedi

Head of Marketing

CASE India

"We have introduce called “CELT” means the Case extended life tracks on the dozer which give double the life to the chain tracks. In loader backhoe we have made a lot of positive changes hydraulic absorbers and even introduce the advanced telematics technology in association with Bosch"


Which are the new products you have launched in the BC India 2018?

We have a lot of new launches in BC India 2018. In terms of whole machine there are three new products,one is soil compactor CASE 1110EX. It is a110 HP air conditioned cab more safe and comfortablefor the operators. This is the first of its kind in the Indian market. The Second product is Case 752 EX it is a tandem compactor with same carry forward DNA of CASE 752 but with upgraded technology changes  like sliding & rotating seat, tilted steering , having two levers, full visibility and sprinklers on both the drums. So significantly more improved technology. The third machine we have launched is CASE 851 EX. We called it “THE KING”. It is a centre pivot version against the side shift product existing for last many years. The centre pivot sitting machine give the operators the flexibility to stabilized the machine and hold the machine steady even on the uneven grounds.We have introduce called “CELT” means the Case extended life tracks on the dozer which give double the life to the chain tracks. In loader backhoe we have made a lot of positive changes hydraulic absorbers and even introduce the  advanced telematics technology in association with Bosch. In 86 HP loader backhoe magnum we introduce a 15 foot backhoe is one feet longer then what is available in the market right  now. It has bigger pump for more flow and speed which means higher productivity for the customer.

Tell something about newly launched eagle eye advanced version Telematics  solution.

It is giving far more than a mechanical engine usually can offer. Usually telematics start making more  and more sense as you move on electronic engines because you have a lot of flexibility of  taking more data, do more analysis. With eagle eye we are pushing the boundaries of mechanical engines. We are taking some basic inputs from the engines which can be monitored easily and provide some alerts indicators to the customers. Other then this preventive alert system it gives whole lot if new user interface in terms of the software. We have added Geo-framing, it helps to keep a close watch on movement of machines by restricting the boundaries.

How was the year 2018 for Case construction?

It was extremely good,the industry was very supportive. The industry was unpredictablyhigh and we feel this was the best ever year for construction sector in India. The growth have been in all segment, theconsolidatedorOverall we have grown over more than 30% and we are kindly happy, more happy.

Which product you think is your best one?

In current display of  BC India 2018, I feel CASE 752 EX –the new machine a tandem compactor.  We have been the market leader in Tandem compactor for more then 3 decades  and usually to continue being a leader  becomes difficult,  because for a competitors it is easy to start copying the leaders but as a leader it becomes his  responsibility of give  something new where nothing like that existed in the past . CASE 752EX in terms of technology, design is far superior then what else is available  in  the market.

What about your training programs for operators?

We are dealing with skilled manpower or skilling the manpower in multi combo approach. First approach is to train the operator  for that we have operator training schoolwhich bring in unemployed youth we give them training on machines and make them ready for becoming operator or  an entrepreneurby getting to understand the machines and its application in a better way. The second approach  is for heavy line  machines like Graders and  dozers, which is more  technological, more sophisticated and needs  specialized operator,there we are giving trained operators to the customers and in this way we are trying to bridge the  skill gap. The skilled operators which we give become a Master trainers and go and give training to all other operators on the sites. This conceptof train- the- trainer, the operators are made available through  placement agency and are directly employed by us. Third kind of  approach is in design change in the machines. Design change is a way that it becomes easy for even a semi skilled operator to run the machine. Now the machine are designed in such a way that a semi skilled operator caneasily make out the coordinates of the machine.

Which are countries where you export from India?

We are exporting whole goods or fully built machines. Those countries we can export only which has emission norm similar to India or lesser to India. So these are basically Africa , middle East, South East Asia, Russia, Central Asian Countries and  CIS Countries.In terms of components and aggregateswe are selling to our other manufacturing plant globally in different location all over the world.

What is your growth Percentage of export ?

Export is nearly 20%. But this year growth in domestic  marketwas far higher because India is really booming so percentage in growth perspective export is lesserin this year.

what is your growth plan 2019?

For 2019 we want to continue the same momentum of 2018. But from industry growth prospective we do not see that the growth percent will continue as 2018. Even the base has also increase so much and year– on– year increasing. The year 2018 is with the larger base will be difficult to record 30-40% growth over it. Also it is the year of election hence 2 month will go into election and we are left with 10 monthsonly to actually work on and achieve. The industry growth we expect to be flattish but in termsof our number we are targeting aggressively. This means we need to increase our market share to achieve our target, we will do it.