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Bandhan: CASE showcases Infrastructure Enablers

  •        752EX Vibratory Tandem Compactor makes its presence felt  in Northern India
  •       Customers experience 1107EX Soil Compactor, 450DX mini-tandem Compactor, 845B Motor Grader and ‘PRO’ Series   Backhoe loader 770EX Magnum and 851EX


CASE Construction Equipment, a brand of CNH Industrial, held an exclusive two-day customer connect program to display a range of products: the 752EX Vibratory Tandem Compactor, 1107EX Soil Compactor; 450DX mini-tandem Compactor; 845B Motor Grader; and, ‘PRO’ Series Backhoe loader 770EX Magnum and 851EX. Aptly named Bandhan (Bond), the initiative saw some 200 customers and network partners witness the capabilities of these mean machines for India’s infrastructure scenario.

The ‘Star of the Program’ was the 752EX Vibratory Tandem Compactor, showcased for the first time in Northern India. This wide range of CASE equipment illustrates the brand’s ability to cater to activities as diverse as urban construction, road building, infrastructure, mining and agriculture.

CASE manufactures its industry-leading compactors and backhoe loaders at its WCM (World Class Manufacturing) Audit-awarded Pithampur plant in Madhya Pradesh. In addition to meeting domestic needs, this facility also exports to several markets in the Asia Pacific region, Africa and the Middle East.        

Mr Shalabh Chaturvedi - Head of Marketing, CASE Construction Equipment India said: “Since it was first unveiled in the Indian market in December, the new 752EX has strengthened CASE’s leadership position in the compactor segment – we are the only company to have sold more than 11,000 units in India. The PRO Series Backhoe Loader and the 770EX OL Only Loader are customised to India’s specific requirements. These products are examples of how CASE stays ahead of the curve by constantly innovating and upgrading its machines to meet customer needs, and our manufacturing facility at Pithampur is testimony to our commitment to ‘Make in India’.”


CASE 752EX Vibratory Tandem Compactor

The CASE 752EX is equipped with a fuel-efficient 3.9-litre 4-cylinder engine, with a mechanical injection system and internal exhaust gas recirculation that delivers 76 HP at 2200 rpm and torque of 332 Nm at 1300 rpm. This new-generation engine - developed by CNH Industrial subsidiary FPT Industrial, the world-leading manufacturer of engines, transmissions and powertrains - provides outstanding performance, fast response times, and best-in-class fuel economy. The 752EX’s single-piece engine hood gives easy access for routine maintenance, with all daily service points conveniently accessible at ground level.

The 752EX’s operator compartment features a rotating operator seat which gives excellent front and rear drum/nozzle visibility, making the drive and compaction process easier and safer. The look of the machine is enhanced by two post canopies and by new fuel and water tanks.

CASE 1107EX     

CASE 1107EX soil compactor featuring a new FPT Industrial S8000 engine that delivers 100 HP at 2200 rpm and torque of 435 Nm at 1300 rpm. The turbo after cooled engine with internal Exhaust Gas Recirculation ensures best-in-class fuel economy. More than 2 million S8000 engines at work across the world are testament to the reliability of this proven power. The maximum applied force in the range of 34 tonnes is among the best in the industry. The hydrostatic variable speed control ensures the CASE 1107EX travels at the perfect speed for every type of soil, resulting in a uniform compaction.



The CASE 450DX is a market leader in the mini tandem compactor segment in India with more than 1,300 machines in operation powered by Mahindra Industrial (MDI 2500) water-cooled diesel engine developing 45HP ensure best in class fuel efficiency and productivity. Mahindra MDI 2500 is a proven and reliable engine for Indian conditions and its vast presence in India ensures quick and easy service and parts support. This machine with an operating weight of 3,225 kg is a very popular choice for bituminous compaction and has tandem drums with dual frequency of 55 Hz and 65 Hz at amplitudes of 0.6mm developing maximum applied force of 6035 Kgf per drum. 450DX is perfectly suited for Shoulder compaction.

CASE 845B Motor Grader

Imported from Brazil, this equipment is primarily used for levelling and shaping a surface to very fine measurements.The 845B Motor Gradersare equipped with an FPT Industrial engine 6.7-litre engine with dual and triple horsepower to match the power requirements of various applications and deliver optimum fuel efficiency. CASE Graders have Power shift transmission with torque converter and lock-up system and multi Curvature Moldboard which reduces engine resistance and thereby reduces fuel consumption. This CASE Motor Grader features a unique ‘Multiradius moldboard design’ that provides a mixing effect that not only pushes the material on ground but also rolls it. The CASE Graders are also equipped with hydraulic pitch control feature which helps operator to control moldboard pitch adjustment from the cabin itself hence high productivity as well as operator comfort.

PRO Series Backhoe Loader 1107EX Magnum & 851EX

The CASE PRO Series Backhoe Loader is powered by an FPT Industrial S8000 engine which delivers powerful performance and fast response time coupled with 8% higher productivity and fuel savings of up to 10%. The Series is re-engineered from the ground-up to deliver industry-leading backhoe breakout force, higher loader lift capacity/reach and best-in-class cab visibility.

The new PRO Series Backhoe Loader has a robust, robotically welded two-piece structural frame design which results in great stability, performance and serviceability. For versatility in different Indian operating conditions the machine is designed with heavy duty structures, tanks, fenders and rims.

Bigger buckets allow greater load lifting and increase productivity. The series is equipped with a superior working range and will reach deeper than any other backhoe loader. There is a choice of two configurations: a standard dipper dig depth of 4.5 and 4.7 meters, or an extendable dig depth of 5.9 metres.

The power shuttle transmission provides four forward and reverse speeds. The hydraulically shifted clutches allow the operator to change direction and travel speed on the go, while the control valves deliver smooth speed and direction shifts, resulting in smooth and accurate operation. The new single-piece engine hood provides excellent access for maintenance. The machine layout has been designed to ensure all daily service points are easily accessible at ground level, for quick and efficient servicing.

In the spacious cabin, the operator seat and ergonomics have been redesigned to offer better comfort and smooth lever operations. The PRO Series will be equipped with CASE’s revolutionary EAGLE EYE telematics solution for enhancing the performance and efficiency of the machine. This Asset Monitoring System gives the freedom of machine monitoring and remote diagnostics alerts at the click of a button on a mobile or desktop computer.