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Make your Bathroom look more Luxurious with premium Rain Shower with LED Temperature Display by Grafdoer


Taking a bath during winters is the laziest thing toimagine. Our bathrooms are one of those spaces atour home, where although we spend less time, the timespentgives a feeling of freshness and relaxation. This winter, start your day with a soothing bath that not just excites you but also gives your day a fresh start.Grafdoer, aone stop solution forall your kitchen and sanitary ware problems, has introduced a premium Rain Shower with LED temperature display which will ensure that every time you have a bath the water is at your desired temperature.

Giving your bathing experience a whole new dimension, Grafdoer’s new Rain Shower is sure to make you enjoy the feeling of rain every time you shower with a value added feature of the temperature display system. This shower will enhance yourbathing experience to a new and different level as the productnot only comes with an in-built LED system indicating the water temperaturebut also a unique Arc shaped design shower with Hydro Power Generator. The device indicates the temperature of the water flow as BLUE when the temperature is less than 32o C. It indicates Green Light when the temperature is between 33oC – 42oC and Red when the temperature is between 43oC – 50oC. When the temperature rises greater than 50oC the red light starts flashing, so you know what temperature water you need for your bath.

Commenting on the latest launch, Mr. Sachin Jain Director (Sales), Grafdoer, India’s leading bath and kitchenware brand, said, “Grafdoer has always believedin providing the best quality products that are genuine, long-lasting and in reach for the common man. Our main objective is to provide to our customers a worry-free experience by making exemplary products andRain Shower withLED Temperature Display, is one of our best offerings for the Indian market.”

Rain Shower with LED Temperature Display is priced at INR 3200/- and is available on the company’s website and at all the company showroom.